My E6300 1.83ghz runs hot / why?

Hi all .

Anyone got a reason for this then?

I am running a:-

P5B Asus mobo
Core 2 duo E6300 cpu 1.83 ghz
2MB ram 800 mhz ddr2
Asus en7600gs 512 ddr2 silent gpu
SATA 250MB raid HD with mounted DH fans blowing from the bottom
650W PSU with 120mm fan
Antec micro ATX case with upgrade evercool 120mm exhaust fan
Scythe ninja PCU cooler with 120mm fan
Extra expansion bay mounted graphics card cooler with 2x 80mm fans and a 120mm fan blowing acoross all the lower half of the pc.
At the front an asaka 30cfm 80mm fan pulling in air and an extra side mounted asaka 80mm fan blowing on scythe cooler.
cd dvd rom
dvd rw/ multi recorder.

As you can see there is plenty of cooling and I thought it was a poor thermal link between the cpu and heatsink that was creating high temps but it idles at 36-37 degrees and during gameplay will go as high as 44-45 degrees.
Firstly is this normal considering I see forum chats about sub 30 degree idle temps ect?
My gpu will idle @ 41 degrees and goes as high as 59 during gameplay.
These readings are all as standard clocking times.
I have used the Asus mobo Ai program to start to overclock the cpu and as the software shows the speed of the cpu and the fsb simultaniously I thought it was a good idea to use it!
Ildle ghz is 1.601 with an fsb reading of 1067.46.
Using the Ai booster software I started to increase the clock speeds from 266.00 in increments of five up to around 290-300 !
The cpu then starts to get unstable and the system stops and re boots in a safe speed as I think the temps start to get too high!
Now I am running enough damn fans to chill my drinks and keep my ice cream frozen if I put them in the case so why is this.
The increase is approx idle temp to 41-42 degrees and the idle speed of the cpu goes to approx 1.87 ghz which when using with a game such as HL2 deathmatch which requires a reasonable use of the cpu then increases to approx 2.2ghz with an fsb reading of approx 1266 and a cpu ratio of 7, then it all stops!!
I would have thought that the cooler from scythe being the size of a subaru imprezza piston head would cool it ample enough especially with all the other fans moving air around and out of the system. The evercool 120mm and the cpu cooler 120mm fan are almost in push and pull straight out of the system too, I am thinking of putting another evercool 79cfm 120mm fan on the cpu cooler as this upgrade from the original case fan took the overall cpu temps down by approx 5-6 degrees. Is this going to put me in better stead for better stable speeds from the cpu or am I missing something?

Please help me as I want a faster pc.
My pc know how is mainly through internet gaming in clans on various games like HL2 / SOF2 / Battlfield 2142 / COD / Counterstrike source ect, and this is due to trial and error ive broke things / deleted things until I now know what not to do from the last five years so I could say I am ready for the next level in my kung foo fight against the ever increasing need to speed up my pc

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  1. normal
  2. My E6300 with stock cooler was running at 50/60c but my desk area has poor ventilation and once I fixed this issue I was getting same temps as you around 40/50c.

    Now I have my cpu clocked at 2.8ghz with a Zalman 9700 and I'm getting about 45/58-60c.

    Check out the Core 2 Duo thermal guide. Great resource.
  3. Yeah, I have my E6300 @ 2.45ghz and is idle around 40 C with my Freezer 7 Pro. I think I read somewhere that this cpu is ok under 61 C. It would be nice to run it cooler though. I think it should run cooler, maybe need to make sure you have good connection with your IHS and the HS.
  4. scarab53, auto settings are not preferred for overclocking as they typically apply excessive Vcore per clock which results in unnecessarily high temperatures. Overclocking yields better results using manual settings. Please refer to the following Sticky's to help you understand overclocking and temperatures:

    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - A Guide v1.2:

    Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide:

    From the Temp Guide:

    Scale 5: Duo

    E6x00: Tcase Max 61c, L2 Stepping, Tjunction Max 100c, Vcore Max 1.325, TDP 65w, Delta 15c
    E6x00: Tcase Max 60c, B2 Stepping, Tjunction Max 85c, Vcore Max 1.3525, TDP 65w, Delta 15c

    --60--/--75--75-- Hot
    --55--/--70--70-- Warm
    --50--/--65--65-- Safe
    --25--/--40--40-- Cool

    Comp :sol:
  5. nothing serious
  6. Just to show that you can get it pretty low, my oc'ed rig idles between 31-33c and on full load using dual prime95's my temps get to 40-42c depending on time of day.

    I have 2 120mm fans as intake, 2 120mm fans as out take along with psu. My computer is actually very quiet (all Thermaltakes silent wheels)

    The thing that has allowed my to keep my temps so low is that the B2 stepping of the e6300 allow you to seriously undervolt and still remain stable. I am currently running 1.125 v core.

    Specs in signature apply except maybe vcore
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