Best free program to remove junk on a new prebuilt pc?

Ive read about a lot of programs to remove junk software on pre built pc's but never used one. Fixing to get to work on a new acer laptop my dad bought and he wants me to remove all the crap on it that comes pre loaded. Instead of doing it by hand is there a free program that can do it better? If so whats highly reccomended?

Im behind on this since I havent setup a pre built in decades.
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  1. Nothing will really automate the process because there are too many vendors and too many different programs they install.

    Just go though Add/Remove programs and remove anything that sounds like a demo or a utility you won't use.

    Here is what you want ^
  3. That just looks like a re-wrapper of the Add/Remove utility and a regedit of the Run key. Maybe it's easier to go though for a novice but does not seem to actually automate anything, at least not from the screen shots.
  4. This is what I would use - Your Uninstaller!

    It is a paid software, but it is functional for 15days.
    The limitation is, uninstalling only 3 programs at the time, so relaunch the app and again.

    It is great tool to remove the stubborn junk!

    Remove every part of a program completely. And than install again.
    U can use Your Uninstaller! or Revo Uninstaller. The Windows uninstaller will not remove everything.
  5. I am using it, and this is best program till know "Tune Up Utilities". You can clean your recycle bin, defrag or clean registry, fix Windows errors, defrag hard disk, uninstall programs with-in it, and more. I am using it because I have a slower PC and when I use TURBO MODE in this my CPU get full power on the program which I want to run.

    You can try Tune-Up trial version and see for yourself and if you like it than purchase the full version.
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