Vista x64 compatible DVD Writer any suggestions??

i bought ASUS DRW-2014L1T I and having lots of problem in using lightscribe and dos drivers detection while booting....

wanna buy new one and i looked into newegg but it seesm i am confused...

looking for suggestions for the one which is working fine with Vista X64 model and lightscribe capable....

Prefer if it would be IDE interface....though can use SATA also if IDE interface is not available...
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  1. well i attached my usb dvd drive same issue....dos is not able to detect dvd
  2. dos drivers? huh? Are you running some really ancient OS?
    You shouldn't install dos drivers at all unless you're running like windows95 or older. Actually, installing dos drivers in XP or vista might even screw it up.
    Anyway, you shouldn't need to install any device drivers under XP or Vista for DVD writers. Any DVD writer that isn't ancient should be fine under Vista (with no user-installed drivers). The fact that its 32 or 64 bit version of vista is irrelevant too.
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