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So my friend and I are both thinking of upgrading our video cards. I have a 6600GT from when I built my sys in 2005, and he has a 7300LE that came in a system he bought off Dell last month... Anyway, we're thinking the x1950PRO sounds like the best choice, since we're not looking to spend more than $140 on the cards. The thing is, it requires 30A rails, and i'm not sure our psu's are powerful enough. Firstly, do you guys think this card would be our best bet considering that we're not looking for dx10 compliance? Secondly, how much should we worry about underpowering the card? I think his psu is 18A on the 12V rail... I don't really know anything about psus though, so I guess any help looking for specific requirements would be appreciated. THANKS!
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  1. The X1950Pro is a very good choice, however as you correctly note, you'd need to upgrade your power supply. First it has to be a quality brand (Antec, Enermax, OCZ, Seasonic), and secondly you want to have 28A for an X1950Pro (ATI put 30A to be on the safe side).

    The cheapest that would meet these conditions, I think, is the TruePower Trio 430W.
  2. dont both go with the same card... that's boring one of you get nvidia one go for ati then it'd be interesting. a power supply that supports these can be obtained $30 canadian i think maybe 50
  3. well, assuming we both want the best card possible...
  4. Well one could get the X1950 and the other could get a 7950GT and both would be close in performance.


    But you would pay more for the 7950 than the X1950.

  5. Just stick with the x1950pro. One of my friends just got it. It is a great card.
  6. if one of the systems is a dell won't it have a proprietary PSU (a standard one won't fit) and also, its best not to go with the cheapest PSU possible or it will wear out fast (running at its max for the entire time the computer is on is going to do damage)
  7. are there no aftermarket psu's that would work with the dell?
  8. Well, the problem is that Dell at one time used their own power supplies and the use of any other unit would cause the PC to not work or could even result in a fried mobo. Dell had stopped doing that at one point, but I read a review a month or so ago on an XPS system that said they were using proprietary parts again. It might have been just the motherboard but I don't remember. One thing you should do is get the model number Dimension/XPS whatever) and send DellUser1 a PM. He is pretty good at figuring out what will work with Dell systems.
  9. See my sig, stick with x1950pro. It's a great card, and a really, really great card at $140.
  10. Good recommendation. The only problem I have with those is that they are expensive and not that great of a value. If I am going to upgrade a system I want the best bang for my buck. If he has NO other options then he should go for those, but if he can upgrade and not worry about destroying his system he should go with something that will give him more room to upgrade later on.

    jitpublisher: what PSU are you running that on? His biggest problem is the lack of power. A unit with 24-28amps would be able to do it, but he only has 18 and I don't think that comes even close.
  11. No, his PSU won't do it. I am running a-- now don't give me too hard of a time, I got it really cheap $39 at Frys.......a Raidmax Volcano 630 watt.
    A lot of people say they are not good, but it's running my system fine.
    I'd say you need at least 28A on the 12 volt rail with a good clean PSU.
  12. What model Dell did your friend buy? Dell has recently switched back to using mATX mobos and cases in some of their tower systems, and are thus 100% compatible with aftermarket parts.

    EDIT: specific models that are 100% mATX design:
    Inspiron 530/531 mini tower models
    Vostro mini tower models 200 and 400.

    Unfortunately everything else is still BTX or unspecified SFF (Note: Inspiron and Vostro slimline cases house regular mATX mobos, but use unique-looking mATX PSUs).
  13. From my experience DellUser1 shouldn't be recommed for advice on Dells..... he sometimes randomly "advises" people without much thought.

  14. I can't find much to fault what delluser1 wrote in that thread. The things he wrote were true. Only thing I can fault him for was not asking up front what the exact model of Dell the OP had.
  15. Ok, what Dell model # is it? I have an E521. My 305w psu has 22amps on the 12v. Can't say more without model #
  16. I can't find much to fault what delluser1 wrote in that thread. The things he wrote were true. Only thing I can fault him for was not asking up front what the exact model of Dell the OP had.[/quotemsg]

    You're right. I thought I had redeemed myself in figuring out that he had the wrong psu by my third post. :D
  17. ^lol.

    @iceman: the fact that Dell underates the WATTAGE of their units isn't in question. The X1950 needs somewhere between 24-30 amps on the +12v rail. The Dell unit in question only has 18. He is nowhere near close enough to being ably to run that card safely IMO. And yes I know there is some user in the forums that say otherwise. It all depends on the OP's complete system. If he isn't running much then maybe he could chance it, but I wouldn't.
  18. Quote:
    I didnt say it would work for his particular set-up.
    Just saying that dell psu,s are of good quality.

    If dell put shady psu,s in there computers they would be out of buisness.

    OK my bad, misunderstood what you were getting at. I agree, Dell wouldn't get away with that.
  19. they might not be unreliable, but they don't actually produce much power
  20. spuddyt said:
    they might not be unreliable, but they don't actually produce much power

    Dell 305w psu = 22amps
    Dell 375w psu = 30amps

    What's your point? It seems like enough to me or am I missing something? Alot of folks worry about amps when in fact the combined amp rating on the 12v rails is what matters. In a previous post in this thread I saw a reference to the psu in question having only 18amps. How was that determined? The 305w unit has 2-18amp 12v rails, 264w maximum wattage, divided by 12 which equals 22. This particular psu (which I happen to own) may not be able to run a X1900 series card but is more than capable of running a 7950GT.

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