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Suddenly Reformatting wont work.

Hello, I'll be quick. I know how to reformat my computer and I've done many times. Without flaws might I add, AND with my current system specs, Nothing changed.

A little background into my old pc= 1 hdd is that i have 2 partitions. One runs xp home. One runs xp pro (Performance Edition) <-- it was a custom edition, ripped almost all the junk out of it.Both where working, for months.
1gb of dualchannel ram, 512mb 8400GTX silent, 2.4ghz Overclocked Athlon 64.

It all started when clicked on this link that redirected me to nimp's website.(a friend sent me it. -.- ) I was playing a game in fullscreen while I clicked on it (Alt-Tabbed First). If you know about that website it gives a virus.I alt tabbed after i closed firefox.exe in the process, luckily.I switched back to my game. 30 minutes later when i alt tabbed the desktop was black. All the open windows didn't respond/ I dont know if that had something to do with it but everytime I started another explorer.exe it started up in the process list but froze at 8k memory used. I couldn't do anything except alt tab to the game and continue playing. I restarted my computer later when i finished the game with my friends. It seems fine, normal operation. Until after it goes to a black screen when starting up. Just a os boot screen and voila. Black screen.

I Have 3 sources in ways to reformat my computer.
1- Install Windows xp (legit cd)
2- Install windows xp Pro perfomance (legit key)
3- Put my recover cd that is a Norton Ghost Image and boot up to windows with everything preinstalled.

I have 1 source to manage my partitions.
1a- Paragon Boot manager

Option 1,2
work until the blue bar in the installation that says (starting windows)
Keep in mind that im installing it from the cd, it loads all the drivers and then says this. I have not selected the drive to install yet. It stays at that part for hours. DOESNT change bottom line.

Option 3
Works, as i remember it should. But as soon as i start it up i cant move my usb mouse or keyboard. I tried it with the i/o mouse and keyboard no change. It freezes at the desktop and the mouse is in the middle of the screen with the busy icon with it. Waited 17 hours, no change. NOW the funny part is when i restart my computer from this point on, It starts to a black screen!??! Same problem that started before. Maybe this is hardware related or w.e But how could a virus from a website coincidently start this hardware problem?

Option 1a
Only reason I did this is probally to reformat my computer another way. But when I reformat my computer to NTFS 8 cluster No surface, it takes 3 seconds. A 250 GB hardrive doesnt reformat that fast does it? I think i have sata, so i know my computer can't read/write that fast. Paragon Boot manager has worked fine before so I outlawed it as some kind of flaw.

What do you think? Do you need my complete hardware specs? What can i do? Im stumped. Thanks for reading it this far, and even more thanks if you can help me!
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    it has been a couple months since i formatted a PC but pretty sure a quick disk format takes allot more than 3 seconds. with that and all your freezing it may be that your HDD has some bad sectors or just may be starting to fail use a disk tool like spinrite to do do a surface scan of the hard drive to check for errors
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