Athlon 64 3700+ (for those still into older setups!)

I thought I would practice on my soon to be replaced current system:

Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego (2.2Ghz)
Corsair Value Select PC-3200 2x1gb Ram (default 3-3-3-8)
2xSappire X1600 XT in crossfire
PSU is the one included with Antec Sonata 2 case, 450w

I've read almost every single OC'ing guide relating to either the CPU or the MoBo, however I can't get this thing up higher than a 55mhz oc (11 multiple * 205mhz).

I brought the HT link down to 800 (4x multiplier) just in case, enabled vcore overcharge to give it that 0.2v boost I thought it needed...but this thing just won't POST when I bring the computer up from 11*205mhz to 11*210mhz.

Even the pre-set OC choices (ie 5%, 10%, 15% etc) don't work. I loosened the memory timings from the stock 3-3-3-8 to 3-5-5-15 and changed it from 2T to 1T. I also disabled Cool'n Quiet so it wouldn't adjust settings on the fly.

Any ideas? I wanted some OC'ing practice before I bought my new system, since it's up in the air between an intel or amd setup (intel if I can get some OC experience, otherwise staying with AMD. I heard the C2D are good for stock OC'ing whereas amd AM2 6400+ isn't as easy).
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  1. I can't help you with 939 overclocking, but if you ask me which is easier to o/c, I have to say C2D/C2Q/C2E. It's just one try or a few to get a stable o/c on s775, whereas it's 3 tries for each o/c (find max htt, ddr & cpu speeds) on AM2.
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