AMD 5000+ Black Edition Multiplier Problem

I OC a new AMD 5000+ Black Edition, and I can push this CPU to 3.3 GHZ thats good, but the problem is I read that CPU came with unlock multiplier and I can only in my bios from 4 to 13, suppossed I can go further to 16, or maybe to 20, my mobo is a biostar 550 SE, any recomendation for this problem, thanks.
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  1. A 13x Multi is pretty high. Have you only been increasing the CPU multiplier? Have you bumped the Front Side Bus at all?
  2. Unfortunately, TF550 doesn't have higher multipliers in bios. It sucks. The will is there, but not the means. A workaround is to use a lower multi & higher htt. i.e. 333 x 9, 333 x 10, etc. My board posts at 350-39x. It's crazy. Not stable enough for 27/4 operation.

    Right now I kinda like near or at 1000mhz HTT. At 333 x 10, it's perfect 1Ghz htt.

    BTW, I use a modded bios that defaults everything to disabled & updated the buit-in memtest to 1.70. Less typing after you clear cmos.

    Lastly, if you must have higher multis, look at Biostar TFORCE TF560A2+
  3. the tforce 550 does have unlocked multiplier from 4 to 25. the problem is the bios setup only shows up to the default multiplier of the cpu. i have the same setup with the same problem , if you use the software overclock utility that came on the driver disk with the board you can boost multi. my problem is that i use xp 64 and the software utility only works on xp . i do use the utility when i boot into my regular xp partition. it seems what we need is a moded bios that shows all posible multiplier settings. im going to post on rebelshaven and see if they can make one for us.

    by the way this was biostars email reply to me

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    Subject: RE: << BMA Technical Support Request >>
    Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 14:55:05 -0700

    We have recent bios updates to support G2 cpu. Should be up with a week or two. I have at least 6 of our boards updated to support the G2 cpu.
    626-581-1055 menu select 2
  4. Ah great. I just ordered another board. It's a very good board overall. I just hope they'll unlock the multi in bios.

    Thanks for the info. I'm using rebelshaven bios right now. Up to 13.
  5. hi all,

    biostar just posted a new bios for the tforce 550 se (N5TBAA24.BST) it works on my tforce 550 v1.3 to unlock the multiplier with my amd 5000+ x2 black edition.

    by the way does anyone know why im not suposed to use the se bios on the v1.x boards? seems to work fine to me.
    here's the link

    Have a nice day
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