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I have a roommate that I allow to use my computer for school since he doesn't have one. He has since moved out after I caught him stealing money from me. So, yesterday I found two documents on my computer that I have never seen before. Documents that were put there by my roommate. He has them password protected and I cannot open them. They are labeled "try to open me.docx". I tried to open them and they always require a password

I have tried to Google a way to decrypt docx documents with no luck.

Does anyone know a foolproof way to bypass passwords in docx files?

Thanks in advance...
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  1. No, and this question violates the forum rules. . .
  2. PhilFrisbie said:
    No, and this question violates the forum rules. . .

    Excuse me for trying to get information from MY computer, a piece of property belonging to ME. I own all information on MY hard drive that was created by MY computer. I am not atempting to "hack, crack, or [phreak]" anything but information that belongs to ME. Have I put enough emphasis on what belongs to me and what my property is? Let me explain a little: "Property - Something tangible or intangible to which its owner has legal title."

    Get bent...
  3. If it was your file you would know the password, right? ;)

    I am just trying to help out without being banned for answering the wrong questions!

    Besides, the document likely just contains junk, or perhaps a Word virus. . .
  4. As to the general question of decrypting .docx files with MSWord passwords, Passware sells such a product at $40, but unless you know something about the password, such as rhymes with 'orange', the product is mostly useful for young people. Very young people. It can commonly give estimates of time to decrypt in ranges such as 66 years 5 months.
  5. Just delete the damned documents. Why care what they contain?

    Get a life.
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