Best low profile - half-height card out now in the US?

I have a Dell slim line PC that should be arriving in a week or two, I'm not a hard-core gamer, but I do enjoy a few games every now and then and the deal was too great to pass. Vista Home Premium, X2 4400+, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD, DVDRW+-, KB/MS, + 19" Flat Panel for $427.00.

Anyways, the on-board motherboard video is going to BLOW, they offered a X1300, but I was really wanting as nice of a card that will fit the 531s chassis. I know I won't get top line, but I was hoping that I could get something that would at least equal or beat my previous card in my P4 3.06 system which was a BFG 6800 OC.

PS. I need to be able to find the card in the States. I found a few threads about a company, but they appeared to only sell in like the UK and Australia which does me no good.

I'm also willing to wait a month or two if something new is right around the corner.
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