Need your opinion in building a computer for work only - photoshop/3d

hi everyone
couple of months ago tom's hardware had a 4 days of system built marathon .html

in there as most of you know there were three categories:
the low price, mid price, and high-end system.

in that marathon they mentioned that they built those system to handle games
and there will do a specific marathon in the future :(
the computer I need is really specific, it does not aim for any games.

the only thing it needs to do and do it as best he can, is run various graphic software's for image manipulation (large raw formats), 3-D modeling and rendering, video editing.
I'm striving to build a computer that will be dedicated to work only.
I'm thinking more in the range of them mid price system, my budget is not so high it's more of a student budget

what would you change in that system, that it better fits my needs?
Would you have left something out?

Your opinion matters, I regard you as professionals
Thx David
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  1. definetly a quad core, like a q6600 for photoshop 3d programms. 2gigs up to 4 gigs of ram, depending how enormous the things you work on are. cheap videocard, like radeon 2400hd with passive cooling for quieter operation. those are the most important things i think. also i would recommend a western digital hard drive.
  2. Start with the BUDGET for the system
  3. thanks for the response

    my budget is in the 700$ range,
    I want to buy a balanced system as much as passable, in my price range.

    where should my focus go to, in buying a design oriented system
  4. for a complete system for $700?

    cpu: E6550


    2 gigs 800MHz ram

    video card:

    buy the case that comes with the psu in the above link

    320gig HD is about $70 and a DVD burner is $30.

    in order to stay under budget with this, you'll need an xp home upgrde and you'll need to dig up an old copy of win98 or whatever.
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