[help] whenever I access google.com...

whenever I access google.com I received this message on my chrome.

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  1. Are you accessing the internet through a proxy server?
    What country are you in?

    That message could be the result of someone trying to intercept your encrypted connection.
  2. I dont use proxy server,
    i'm from japan

    also the first time I received this message is when i'm trying to access google.com then I uninstalled google chrome and try reinstalling it... I can now access google.com but when I trying to log in my account on youtube.com this page pop outs again...

    up till now there is no problem accessing other sites, I just experience it today... and I try searching the net about my problem but I found that you must fix the time on your computer, but my computer is on right time and time zone (osaka, japan, tokyo)
  3. Why are you using https? Just go to www.google.com

    Does this work in other web browsers?
  4. erasing https will do nothing.
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