Super Shuffle Engine + SSE4?

The AMD's K10 sure will be a monster when it comes out, but will it compete against the Intel's upcoming Penryn CPU's? I mean higher clock speed coupled with full set of SSE4 instructions and Super Shuffle Engine will definitely knock its competitor? Also what does this Super Shuffle engine do? Does it just shuffle data to a shortest destination? like a shortcut?
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  1. From what little that I know AMD's "SSE4" will be called SSE4a and is not the same as Intel's SSE4. While there will be some similar commands, they will be applied differently.

    For example, DivX 6.6 is an alpha version that uses SSE4, but it is most likely only compatible with Intel's Penryn. AMD's Barcelona may or may not experience any increased performance since the instructions will not be exactly the same.

    I don't know what Super Shuffle is.
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