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So recently I don't know what keys I perhaps pressed, but suddenly my keyboard got all wierd, every key literally is a short cut now. Before, it used to be the windows logo + L is locking the computer, now just pressing L is locking. Just pressing E is opening hardware open, backspace is bring up the toolbar ect. Ctrl-alt-del no longer works either, and I cannot switch between programs or type (i'm using another computer to ask this question). Whats happening?
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  1. I don't have a portable keyboard to check with, it's the laptop that i'm having problems with, so it's hard to check if it's OS or just the keyboard. But recently, something stranger has occured, it seems that in fact, the windows logo key was stuck, (even when it wasn't pressed down) and thats why most keyboard letters were short cuts, but it somehow fixed itself. However, now my Left Alt key isn't working, and my Left Mouse button isn't working. Right Alt key is working, same with Right moust button. My "fn" key isn't working either, but those are the only keys so far that i've noticed don't work, all others seem to be working fine. Is this some kind of glitch? I've checked for viruses...but the scan told me there was nothing, is it still possible to fix this problem?
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