HIS ATI Radeon X1950pro 256mb Question re- installation

Hello all

not upgraded my PC for about 3 years now and in the process of putting a new one together- my how things have changed.

Basic question regarding the installation of the HIS ATI Radeon X1950pro card I have. It has a 6 pin cable which connects to the card and then (and this is what has foxed me) it has 2 molex connectors at the other end (to the PSU)

Now i could understand having one molex connector to power the card but why is there two?

Thanks in advance
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  1. maybe cause it needs the extra juice.

    any who, iv never tried running it on just one connection, so make sure you do attach both of them to the psu.
  2. Thanks, have done that and all is working fine
  3. I don't think you need to use both molex connectors.
    I'm pretty certain there two because one is male and the other is female, so that you can use either this or that depending on what sort of free molex connectors you have left on your PSU.
    It's exactly like case fans, or at least mine, they come with two molex connectors (male & female) and you only need to use one of them to make them work.
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