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im not really looking to hook it in raid mode, i just need a pata/ide expansion card because there are only 2 device max on new motherboards, and i have a bunch of old ide drives that i would like to make use of, but im also gonna get a sata hd and dvd player to run as a main, just need an expansion drive to use the others as backups, any suggestions
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  1. If you're not interested in Raid then I'd suggest the Adaptec 1200A (I'd double check at home if this was the exact model). I believe I bought it at CompUSA (I think). It was less than $100 (or was it $50) and works just as fast as the onboard ATA controller on my board.

    However if you really want to do a pata raid the lowest priced card that I could see is the Adaptec 1891300 Ata Raid 2400A at around $70.

    Sorry bout not helping you find the exact store, just too lazy right now.
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