Looking for old Nvidia driver with old control panel (tv-out)


I have an old GeForce 5600 256MB AGP 8x

I reinstalled Windows XP but I forgot to check my old video driver.

Now that I tried like 5 latest nvidia drivers, they are all with new control panel, which is annoying because my TV is CRT, and in composite, the driver detect it in s-video and there is no way to change it, that result in red colors in the TV.

Can you tell me which driver got the old control panel with the s-video/composite choice?

Thank you very much :)
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  1. Go to nVidia Drivers' Archives at link below. You should be able to find the Driver you want, they have drivers dating back to July of 2002 there.

  2. thank you but do you know which one to choose?
  3. Try either the Windows XP/2000 32-bit 81.98 or 84.21 Drivers and go from there.
  4. 84.24 working great, thank you ! :)
  5. I use the 56.56 drivers for my GF4 MX440 and GF3 Ti 200. It has great support for TV out on these older cards. On the new drivers TV out didn't even work anymore.
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