Power Supply Short?!

that's my original post about getting a new agp video card with a older 2.8Ghz P4. well i got the X1950XT and...


Ok i bought the X1950XT, uninstalled my omega drivers, restart and shut off computer, took out X300, plugged in new card, actually unplugged my DVD player b/c i needed to connect a power connector, but i also had the 6-wire, power supply plugged in and hooked up to two power supplys. I turn computer on and computer mysteriously shuts off while im downloading drivers. computer will not turn on. i have a on/off switch on the power supply, and i turn it on and off, a green light on the mobo comes on, put if i try to turn the computer on the power supply makes a little click or beep and nothing happens. if i turn power supply on and off the noise comes back when u attempt to boot the system. i now see on a paper that came with the system:

"H195XTGA3 (AGP Bus)

Configuration of power connector
Solution A: connector 1,2,3, (if connector 1,2 connect to 4) should be connected to independent power supply cable simultaneiously.
Solution B: connector 4 (if no connector 1,2) connects to eternal power supply 6pin cable (note, power supply cable is 6-wire,not 3-wire,) and connector 3 connects to power supply.

** Specialized PCI Express 550 watt or great power supply recommended.

Then theres two photos, and at the bottom:

Note: connector 3 (4 pin power connect) need to connect to power supply, otherwise graphics card won't function.

Well, i plugged connector 3 in + the two from the 6-wire connector at the same time.

Can i restart my power supply somehow? its "CODEGEN 400W Switching Power Supply" it feels like it shorted out or something. What do i do? I was told on here that 400W should be enough, but it asks for 550 or more on that paper, and i hooked both things up at the same time.
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  1. if i need a new power supply, any suggestions for an AGP mobo?
  2. bump :-\
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817371009

    its 850W, went with this one, is it gonna be compatible with an older AGP mobo? in the pictures i see labelings for stuff like SATA , and pci express and i just wanna know if it needs something else to work
  4. in an THG article about ATX12V 2.0, it says:

    'Despite a few different connectors, the new specification is still compatible with older hardware, using adapter cables or special ATX connectors with 20 or 24 pins. This means that should your old power supply fail, you can safely go get yourself a new one meeting the 2.01 specification and rest assured that it will work.'

    are these special cables provided???
  5. Most PSUs meting the ATX12V 2.0 standard should have all the proper cabling.
    Does your MB require a 20 pin connection? If so, make sure the PS has a 20+4 connector.
    Also the newer PSUs have replaced some 4 pin Molex connectors with SATA connectors. You need to ensure it has the required number of Molex or SATA connectors depending on the type of HD and optical drives that you have.

    Your current 400W PSU is inadequate - the manufacturer's minimum requirement for the one brand of x1950XT card I checked was 450W. I am surprised that in the lengthy discussion on the other thread no one ever bothered to talk about power requirements - this is often a basic issue in upgrading a graphics card. Although this may be because the others apparently thought you were going to follow their advice and not get the X1950XT but a 7600GS or GT as they were recommending. The power requirements for those cards are (at least for the PCIe version for which I have ready figures - I would expect the AGP not to be too much different:
    7600 GS 27W
    7600 Gt 36W
    X1950XT 110W
    You made a huge jump in price and power requirements for a card with little performance advantage due to the AGP slot. Moreover, being an AGP card, there is little likelihood you will be able to use it in a future system.

    Frankly, it seemed to me like you were arguing with them most of the way through the thread instead of accepting their advice. For instance, tests on the same card made in two versions with 256MB and 512MB memories show only an almost insignificant increase in performance from the added memory. Looking to memory by itself that way is silly. But they could not disabuse you of repeatedly looking at cards this way. Frankly I was reluctant even bothering to respond to this thread as I have no wish to get into a protracted discussion with a stubborn person that wishes to ignore good advice. However your numerous posts with no response softened my heart.
    Now that being said, let me make two points:

    1. The 850W PSU you are looking at is extreme overkill - just like your choice of video card.
    2. Between the video card and PSU, you are pouring too much money into an outdated system when you should instead be saving and getting a new system.

    For your system, and assuming that you do not plan any significant upgrades, I recommend an Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU. I just purchased one online from Frys on sale for $49.99 - NO rebate required - marked down from $89.99. A real deal.


    You might also find this link helpful: Recommended Sub-$150, high-efficiency PSU's


    You will see the Antec Earthwatts PSU on the list and at the above sale price it is 1/2 to 1/3 the price of most other items listed.

    That same website also has a review on this PSU:


    If you want a little more headroom for insurance or future growth, I recommend the Antec True Power Trio 550W which is also on the above list and can be found for about $80.

    As a final note, since you have never identified your system - if prebuilt - and/or your case - you need to ensure that they are compatible with the ATX12V 2.0 standard and that the PSU will fit in your case.
  6. i realize i went with overkill, but after my orginal power supply stopped working and i realized 400w was not enough, i kinda didnt wanna make the same mistake twice...i also read on the card that they recommend 550w or more, and i mistakely thought that was just for the video card, and was trying to give myself some headroom. the computer was built a few years ago, it has a Intel D845GEBV2 motherboard...how can i find out if the new power supply will work with my mobo? im hoping the PSU will fit in the case...did they change the sizes of power supplies recently? the power supply is suppose to come tomorrow...also you can check anyone configurations with Hardware Configurations icon above anyone's message. the little computer in-between a green dude and some mail
  7. 1. MOBO - Your new PSU should have all the connectors you need - in fact you may have more than twice as many as you need to peripherals.
    2. Size - the PSU has the same height and width as a standard PSU - but - I assume because of its higher output - it is deeper - 7.1" compared to the more standard 5.5".

    When I purchase a new computer, I always go to the MB manufacturers site and download all the info I can for the MB - usually such things as specifications, manual, and memory compatibility lists. You might go to the Intel site and see what you can find.

    In the Power Supply Forum, the first thread is "power supply FAQ". It has considerable information about the subject - info that anyone purchasing and installing their own PSU should know. It also has links to other resources - such as a link to Power Supplies 101.
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