Ridiculously high temperature reading in HWMonitor

In HWMonitor, the following temperatures are read:

I'm guessing the first is the motherboard, and the second is the CPU of course. These two readings are in line with what I get under Linux using lm_sensors. However, what on earth is this 'AUXTIN' reading, and why is it so high? Is it a broken sensor? Broken software? I haven't overclocked anything as yet.
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  1. Have you looked at your motherboard manual to see what the AUX sensor is, or even it it exists? It might very well be a software glitch.
  2. SYSTIN 25C
    CPUTIN 33C
    AUXTIN 82C

    Are almost always false readings ^
  3. Check your fan connections, my AUXTIN read 949F. One of the pins came loose in the 4 pin connector, that one was loud anyway so it's gone and no more high temp AUXTIN.
  4. Sorry, what I meant is a fan that was connected with a 4pin molex - the ones used to plug in the old IDE drives - one of those pins came loose.
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