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Wasn't sure where to put this, figured here was good since I built it. I recently moved back to school and my computer unfortunately took a couple hard hits in the car. I'm at school, and have everything hooked up. When I start up i get the bios clearly on the screen, and then the windows loading screen clearly. when it finishes loading and gets to the desktop the display is scrambled. I can move the mouse around and some sections clear up enough to read but it is generally scrambled. From using the windows key, and some keyboard commands it appears everything is working fine, except for the scrambled issue. any ideas what is wrong? I know enough to have built my system, though not much more. everything is connected fine, i just dont understand.
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  1. Have you pulled and reset the video and other cards in the mobo? Do the same for the memory. Also check cpu cooling fan (make sure it is also set tightly).
  2. so just pull them all out and put them all back in basically? I'll give that a shot, thanks for the idea.

    edit, pulled everything out, put them all back in. still scrambled. everything is clear up till the desktop, the load screen says windows and the load bar scrolls left to right, then its scrambled and unclear. could it be something with the hard drive? it seems to be constantly spun up and trying to do something, even though its just sitting at the desktop
  3. I have a few ideas:

    --> It could be your monitor, something in there messed up see if you can try another monitor?
    --> Is a format out of the question? That way for sure you'll know if its hardware related.
    --> I hope its not your graphics card, try to run a few direct X tests. Press start, run, dxdiag.

    Keep us updated.
  4. josh 88 is right. certain aspects of the hardware will power what you see when the desktop is loaded, but not when the pc starts. follow what josh said, if that doesnt work, try re-installing xp like thioxane said if the problem persists. wont be the monitor, if the BIOS and boot screen start properly.
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