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Ok, so I bought this drive back in 2004 I think, possibly 2003. Had problems with it for a long time. Finally getting to the point where I need to do something about it. Everytime I burn a disc, (I use nero 7 on xp and nero 8 on vista) I get burn errors in certain sectors. On xp, with nero 7 I tend to get a lot more errors than on vista with nero 8, about 20 per disc -xp but just 2 or 3 -vista. I heard about nero giving out these error messages for no reason in some cases, but testing the disc I burned confirms that what I burn never seems to *&$*$%*! work. :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: So there's a definite problemo.

Seeing as the errors are more prevalent in xp, you'd expect it to be a software problem right? And I certainly get plenty of those. But if I'm still getting errors in vista, then I'm wondering if both the xp/nero 7 AND the drive are faulty. Is there any way I can reliably test my drive so I can be sure whethere it's a hardware problem or not?

To complicate matters I also have a cd/rw drive which also often gives me errors (but far less than the dvd rw) when burning, but I don't think I've tried that one on vista before, can't try it right now because it's disconnected because I'm using a crappy 350w psu that came free with a £10 pc case to power my rig at the moment (my 480w screwed most definitely 'up' this morning) and I don't want to connect unnecessary devices as I think it's already been given far too much to do.

I'm just trying to desperately back up my data so I can throw this heap of junk pc out the window and build something that won't give me bsods every five minutes. Though I built this one too, so there's no guaranteed improvement.

That's another thing I guess, my ram has always caused me bsods, basically every day. It started when I upgraded to socket 939 in 2004 and the amd 64 memory controller/gigabyte mobo (and some others also) I used seemed to have known issues with my corsair ram, which was very expensive I might add, and caused random bsod with the default 2225 timings. Lowering the timings would tend to straighten things out, but that would make my expensive high performance ram pointless if I ran it like that. So I endured, and kept the ram, while following a thread online with plenty of others afflicted with the same problem, hoping to get some kind of fix from gigabyte. New bios revisions seemed to help some, but others like me never managed to find a fix. I then upgraded to an asus motherboard with pci-e, but kept the same ram/cpu. The problem persisted, maybe my ram was genuinely faulty and I was not having the problem I thought I had? Long stort short, (thought admittedly still too long) I still have that problem and I wondered if it was entirely possible that it could cause write errors. I don't know a damn thing about how this all works, but if stuff is stored in the ram while it's put to disc (is it?) then I guess it could be linked, though I doubt it, but it's just an idea I'm throwing out there.

Sorry for typing so much, I got carried away. :pt1cable:
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  1. Well continue ignoring all that, because I fixed the problem myself anyway. I lowered my ram timings and changed from 1t to 2t and haven't had a single error since.
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