overclocking and underclocking asus crosshair

hello everyone. My friend just recently gave me his old setup.
Asus crosshair
Amd 64 X2 4600 EE
Maxpower 500 wat powersupply
2 gigs of CRUCIAL BallistiX PC2-6400
BFG geforce 7900 GS
and i put in some misc hd's

I was wondering if there was someway to overclock the thing in windows for gaming, and then underclock it when im just bittorrenting at night. The reason is because my power bill has massively increased.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Dont OC in windows if u ask me , but ASUS has a software called ASUS AIBOOSTER which is a utility for OC'ng also there is a software called ClockGen too :

  2. Riva tuner does gfx card. doubt you can do cpu
  3. the only problem i have with clock gen is I have had many problem with that program over the years. but i will try AI Booster.
    I alreay use a program for over cloking my vid card Power strip
  4. Rivatuner is the best GPU OverClocking utility for nvidia cards
  5. ok the AIbooster looks like it will work and riva turner works great thanytou for all your help.
  6. an easy way would be to just go into the bios and lower the multiplier when just using bit torrent then bring it back to normal for gaming
  7. many are afraid @ first (no offense, i was afraid too when i wanted to OC through BIOS@ first :D ) but when u read some OC'ng guides , u will find out its better and very good
  8. its not that im afraid. my last comp i had to volt mod everything (a7n8xie deluxe mobo) to overclock. it when im done gaming i want to slow it down for bittorent in windows because my internet is flakey. it sometimes takes my bt almost 2 hours to connect. so i run it over night, but it bings up my power bill. so slower comp = less money.
  9. you can use crystal CPUID to downclock your computer at night. i do exactly the same thing for bit torrenting at night, it can also be used to change voltage. just find a stable multiplier and voltage and u can create a shortcut on the desktop... i ahve 1 for gaming and 1 for web surfing and bit torrenting.
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