I have an MSI P6N SLI Plat. MB and am trying to set up a simple bootable RAID 1 Mirroring array. I've gone through the entire Bios set up and have established the array. I am now at the point where I have put in my Windows XP CD and booted off the CD, clicked on F6 when queried to do so to load a 3rd party driver, and then get to the screen where you have to type "S", which is quicly followed by the screen that tells you to put in your floppy and hit enter.

The floppy has been prepared with the nVidia drivers for my motherboard; I have downloaded the drivers from the MSI support site, and also done it with the driver CD from MSI. No matter, when I hit ENTER nothing happens. The screen comes back to the same message, Load your floppy with drivers message.

I've researched it and found other builders encountering the same problem, but have yet to see a solution posted.

Any more experienced users out there who have worked through this before?????

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  1. Check your floppy and make sure the drivers specific for the Windows text mode setup are on there. There should be a file called txtsetup.oem in the root directory of the floppy. If it isn't there, the drivers haven't been extracted or were extracted into a folder or something.
  2. Some Joe... thanks for your reply. BUT...I goofed. When I installed my new floppy I put the IDE cable and power adapter cable on first, then loaded through the front. After hooking everything else up, the short adapter cable on the floppy was lost in the cable jungle. Yep, no power! Just a reminder to builders...never assume you can't make stupid mistakes!
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