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I recently reinstalled Windows after a full format. My old key board was a standard 101/102 keyboard but my keyboard now is a pc/at 84 keyboard, which leaves out a lot of functions. I have looked EVERY where for a driver, instructions, something but nothing. I'm using a Gateway Modle MT6840. Any ideas on how to get the 101 keyboard to show up in my device manger?
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  1. Why is it important to you?

    I assume there is some type of ID code within the keyboard which Windows reads to determine the type of keyboard that is connected to the PC.
  2. thanks for the response. There are functions of the keyboard I would like to use but can not due to the lack of keys being recognized. keys that use the function key and would turn on the WiFi or turn the brightness up and down do not work. Any suggestions? the laptop is a Gateway MT6840 running Windows XP 32Bit. Thanks
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