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It started with the Windows and Settings Transfer Wizard not being able to find my files that I had saved before I reinstalled Windows XP.
Well I had tried the fixes that others had success with. When I tried the "pretend that this is the old computer" and then save that to my desktop it did not work. Only because I saved it in a hard drive, and what I saved has 268GB of data. When I saved the new info onto my desktop, which was not that much, because I had just wiped out all my info by reinstalling windows, that was OK, but then I substituted the old info as was suggested, it took up most of my hard drive of 300GB. So it gave me the error that there was not enough room. So No I did not get an answer. I tried to find a "newer" version of the Transfer Wizard from Microsoft, but was unable to. So I guess I either have these DAT files sitting on my hard drive, or I try to figure out how to open and read the DAT files without the wizard.

Thanks if anyone can help.
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  1. Your post is a little confusing. I'll assume you used the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to save your files to a HDD that was not the HDD containing your original XP OS. Then you did a clean install of XP on the HDD that originally held the XP OS.
    How many HDDs do you have?
    What is the capacity of the HDD with your newly-installed XP OS?
    Your files and settings data, ~268GB, appears to be on a separate HDD, what is that HDD's capacity?

    Since you know exactly what you did to save the files and settings transfer files, AND what you have done to retrieve them, then you may want to review the MS article here to compare what you have done with MS suggestions.
  2. You are correct. I have 3 hard drives. The one with the OS on it is the one I reinstalled windows XP. That one has 300GB. The hard drive I transferred the files to is a 1TB. Which now has about 326GB left on it. And the other hard drive hardly has anything available left out of 150GB. I ran the Wizard to send them to the 1TB hard drive. And when I tried to retrieve the files, the Wizard said that the hard drive did not have the info to process. I thought that since windows saved the file there, that I would be able to retrieve the files with the wizard. But no go. Now I have all these DAT. files and can't access them.

    Thank you so much for your reply.
  3. Did you follow Step 2 on the MS page to retrieve the files? There is a MS troubleshooting article here that might help, especially the fastwiz.log to find the reason you could not retrieve your files and settings.
  4. I printed out the article, and will try that. Thank you so very much. Half the battle is finding the right article. So much info in the knowledge base on MS! :pt1cable:
    Thanks again. I hope it works.
  5. You're welcome. Let us know if you are successful. If not, we'll look some more.
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