20 inch or 22 inch LCD for gaming?

Simple question for you guys, would you prefer the added quality of a 20 inch LCD or the increased size of a 22 inch LCD while gaming?
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  1. When it comes to gaming, if you have a high powered GPU, then bigger is better. You aren't going to see the resolutions you want with smaller LCDs. Personally I just purchased a 24" because my 22" only got me to 1600x1050. This new LCD gets me up to 1920x1200. The difference is noticeable for some games, not for others. I'm just trying to get ready for Crysis.... :) I guess it also depends on your gaming environment. Either way try to get the monitor with the highest resolution you can while maintaining quality and of course bigger is always better.
  2. I have been looking at a 26"...too big? or is bigger still better?
  3. Lol general... depends how good your eyes are and how far away your sitting

    I personally am looking at 24, 27 or 30 cause the 24 and 27 does 1920x1200 as steviep831 suggested which is a step up from the 22". This all depends on the GPU still since im updating to the G92 when it comes out i want a big res screen. The 30 might be a bit out of my league and at 2560*1600 is a massive res.

    IMO if you have a decent video card get a 24 for the extra res ive been looking at the dell 2407
  4. A lot depends on what you're upgrading from as well.

    I went from a 17" CTR with a max resolution of 1024x768 to a 22" widescreen at 1680x1050. The difference is so massive that I think anything bigger would have been wasted on my eyes.
  5. went from 17" to 20"viewsonic 1680z1050 looks great run most apps. wide open
  6. Bigger be better....... Up to a point.

    Your desktop space is critical, especially if your monitor must be placed between shelves or storage units. Watch those external dimensions as some monitors have a pretty generous benzel that can add an inch or more to the width compared to other monitors.

    And your seating position relative to the monitor can be an bigger issue. Do you need space infront of the monitor for your work papers? If so, your monitor will be further from your eyes and you could easily justify a larger monitor. Just remember that you never want a monitor that has a large amount of display space outside of your peripheral range (especially true for movies or games).

    At the same time, your desk position may justify a smaller monitor. In my desk situation I have a corner desk with the monitor placed to the front edge of the desk. My writing station and reading stations are to the right and left. I have a slide out keyboard drawer, but even so, I am very, VERY close to the monitor... maybe 21-22" distance. A wide screen is possible, but anything bigger than a 24" widescreen would be too large for comfortable viewing of on-screen movement. Personally I can afford the 30" and would use the monitor for shared display purposes, but the 24" is as big as I can visually handle and may even drop to a 22".
  7. The added quality of the 20" isn't too important if all you are doing is gaming and scanning the internet. However, if you plan to watch a lot of movies and edit video/images, the greater color accuracy would serve you very well.
  8. Fenix12
    monitors are the least of my computer parts i upgrade so just get the best you can and it should last 5-10 years -faults
    dell 24" is what i recommend
  9. wth -double post.
  10. I went from a 19" Samsung to a 24" Dell... OH MY GOD. What a difference. I wished I could of gotten it sooner. Now I need a better video card so I can actually play games in 1920x1200... My 7950GT isnt cutting it anymore.
  11. That's what happens when you get a bigger monitor. You have to upgrade to more expensive video card to play it in native screen resolution or look more washed out in lower resolutions.

    Can't afford $500 monitor and $500 graphics card. Wish I could.
  12. Quote:
    I went from a 19" Samsung to a 24" Dell... OH MY GOD. What a difference. I wished I could of gotten it sooner. Now I need a better video card so I can actually play games in 1920x1200... My 7950GT isnt cutting it anymore.

    Your killing me... im getting a Dell 2707 when they are onsale next and ive got a 7900GT and though it would go ok :( my dreams are shot lol (im going to get a g92 when they are out anywayz ;))
  13. I just hooked up my dual 22" widescreens yesterday, and it is awesome for web development. I have not had time to check out any games yet.....
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