7800gtx 256 to 7900 512 sli worth doing?

i have 7800gtx 256mb single card how much better is a 7900 512mb sli ? my friend is giving me the 7900s and mother bord for free . but is it worth the hastle to redo my machine for sli? will i gain that much if any in my gamming?
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  1. ps i only have a 485 psu
  2. I'd say you'd get about 50% performance boost for the upgrade and if he's giving you the cards for free then yes it's definitely worth the upgrade and time it'll take you. Really it's just a a matter of swapping because the drivers are the same. It shouldn't take you more than 15-20 minutes. Just checked the VGA charts and it looks like a considerable gain. Go for it.
  3. 1_What resolution do u play ?

    2_Which kind of 7900 are they ? 7900GTX 512 or 7900GT 512(Gainward has those 7900GT 512) ?
  4. YES! Don't be so lazy. That will boost your performace and will last you much longer and then you won't have to upgrade from DX9 for some time but IMO the 7800 GTX doesn't have much time left until it's left with nothing much more than medium settings.
  5. [:mousemonkey:2] You might want to think about a better PSU, my 7900GT Sli setup killed an EZcool 600w PSU but run quite happily on a Corsair HX620w.
  6. will i have to reformat my drives since im changing the mother board ?
    im running 2 raptors raid 0
    im running at 1024 x 768 and on high for battle field 2 and 2142
    and a enermax 485 noisetaker II psu is my main worries
    at this time i cant afford to buy a $300 psu. couldnt afford the other stuff thats why he donated it to me. just hate to have it sit around
  7. free?

    go for it!
  8. 1024x768 doesnt need SLI
  9. Maziar said:
    1024x768 doesnt need SLI

    Who cares, do it anyway. [:mousemonkey]
  10. yeah anything for free is good :D
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