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Ok. Here's the deal. My specs: AMD 64 3200, Gigabyte GA-K8N-PRO (2.5v DIMM voltage) Motherboard, RADEON X800 PRO, 120GB HD, Vista Business. My dilemma. I have 3 DIMM slots on my motherboard. When I bought my computer it came with x2 512MB RAM modules running dual channel. Later on I decide to upgrade. So I scrapped the 2 512 modules and replaced them with two 1GB modules (Kingston Value 2.6v) and ever since then I have had this problem. I can use my computer normally with no problems. Though when I start to multi task my computer sometimes will freeze and go to the Blank Blue Screen of Death or just freeze all together and make a redundant aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noise. I can not play any of my games. World of Warcraft, Half-Life 2, and Counter-Strike Source all have the same problem. They will let me play for around 10-15 minutes and then freeze or crash to desktop with a respected memory error. So my problem that needs to be diagnosed is that I can not multi task or play games without my computer crashing. I know it has to due with memory because WoW gives a generalized memory error and so does Counter-Strike. Well you're thinking this problem can be easily fixed with new memory right? No, read on. So I opt to run memtest86. I have 5 1GB modules; 1GB Kingston value stick (2.6v) that's a year old, 1GB Kingston value stick (2.6v) that is new, another 1Gb Kingston Value stick (2.6v) that is new, 1GB A-Data Value stick (2.5v), and a 1GB A-Data Value stick (2.5v). I have updated my video drivers, updated sound drivers, updated BIOS correctly, checked to see if Directx was up to date, and ran memtest86. For each of my 5 completely different 1GB RAM Modules memtest86 ALWAYS starts to show errors during test 7 at 21% of the first pass. How is this possible? Are all of my memory modules bad at the same exact spot? I mean, I'm in a brain fart people. I can not conceive of what is happening for them to start showing errors at the EXACT same time. So I have concluded that there is something wrong with my hardware somewhere. I am sorry that this is so long. I can not explain this good enough for it to be any shorter. So please, If you know of ANYTHING that could possibly be wrong PLEASE give me info. I am sooooooo desperate right now. Thank you.
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  1. It is most likely that your motherboard has a defect, or that you aren't providing sufficient voltage to them. But if one is rated for 2.5v and your giving it 2.5v it should still work. If you can test the ram in another motherboard, I would try doing that.
  2. I'll try that. How would my motherboard go about getting a defect? My computer is not moved at all during the day. My motherboard is 4 years old though. What is a mobo's average life span?
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