Radeon X1650 - secondary monitor limited to 1024x768

I have a Radeon XS1650 with 256MB memory

I have an LCD monitor on the main VGA port running at 1400x1050 and I have a Iiyama Visionmaster PRO400 CRT monitor on the DVI port (using an adapter that came with the card). The monitor is setup with the correct driver in WIndows XP.

If I set the resolution of the secondary monitor to > 1024 x 768 it just gives me a scrollable desktop of whatever size I specify, as tho it thinks the monitor can only support 1024x768.
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  1. OK, I solved this one literally minutes after I posted, having struggled with it for the last few weeks.

    Oh and the card is a X1650.

    Got the Iiyama monitor driver installed.
    Loaded up the ATI catalyst control centre
    properties of monitor number 2
    set max resolution to 1600x1400
    all ok after doing this

    at least this is here for anyone else with the same problem
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