Cannot Change Wireless Card Settings - freeze

Hello all

I am new to this forum, but in dire need of some help

I have a Dell 710m laptop with a built-in Dell 1370 Wireless adaptor.

Recently, my computer has been freezing while going into Standby or Hibernate, occasionally during shutdown.
I've read around and found that it may have something to do with Windows power management of the wireless card. I've tried changing that configuration, however when I push apply or ok, the window will freeze, I will lose my wireless connection and have to do a hard restart.
This also has begun happening when I use the repair command on the wireless connection. It seems as though windows cannot release the card.

If anyone has anything to offer as far as help goes I would be greatly appreciative

Thank you
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  1. Hi,
    I have potentially the same problem on my Dell D610 laptop. If it goes on standby or hibernate the computer can't turn on the wireless again. The repair command trys and freezes and the only way to fix it is to hold down the power button and then restart it.

    I rang Dell today RE: problem. Said it may have something to do with power. Wanted me to wipe the computer and try loading the system again to see if it fixes the problem. This seems a huge task though with all the documents and programs to back up, not to mention networks that are set up, outlook etc. I think I may ring again and see if there is anything else they can do. Did you get any further with it?

    Feedback would be great!
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