overclocking problem booting xp/vista

OK I'm new to overclocking but I've been reading forums all over the internet and while I've learned alot i can't seem to find a fix for my problem. I set my multi to 10 and my fsb to 250 for and effective 2500mhz/500mhz ram.
When I do this i can boot into windows xp MCE but not windows vista 64 ultimate. Also with the multi set at the stock 11.5 i can't get the fsb over 233.

Here are my specs, can't remember everything and I'm at work right now and can't look.

Motherboard: biostar T7025
CPU: AMD 4400 brisbane
Ram: Crucial Ballistix(Cpuz says it will do 400 or 500mhz with the correct timings which i set for the speed i wanted)
VGA: MSI HD2600Pro, fanless cooling.

One last thing off this particular topic. Can anyone provide a link about flashing my hd2600pro to an xt or give me and info/addvice?

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  1. Can the pc boot Vista at stock? Does it pass memtest at stock?

    If yes to both, then what's your ram divider? If you can, post your max stable HTT, RAM & CPU speeds.
  2. I've ran the bios memory test 4 times at my desired setting and they all came out good. I'm going to d/l memtest and see what turns out with that. Yes it does boot vista at stock thats what I'm normally running for my OS. I lock my HTT at 4. My ram divider at multiplier 11.5(stock) is 6 and at multiplier 10 divider is 5. The epp for my ram says 5-5-5-15-30@500mhz,however my bios will only do 5-5-5-15-26.
    My stock clock speeds are:

    11.5 * 200=2300(I can get to FSB230 but would like to go higher)
    I would also like to get to
    10 * 250=2500 so that I have a slight overclcock and still get my ram at full speed.
  3. If your ram divider is 6, then your ram speed is:


    2500 / 6 = 416.66666666666666666666666666667 * 2

    Your ram will be at 833mhz more or less. cpuz doesn't always read the right ram speed out. It does mine though.

    How did you come to the current overclock? Normally, you find the max htt, ram & cpu speeds, then set the htt & cpu multi from the max cpu speed & use a ram divider to match ram speed to your max ram speed. In other words, if you came to the current o/c that way, you may be hitting a limit. You can either up the voltages or be happy with the o/c.

    You can try lower multiplier & higher htt.
  4. when I set my multiplier to 10 it changes my ram divider to 5, thus
    10*250=2500, 2500/5 =500mhz*2. thats where i want my ram but anytime my FSB is over 230 vista won't boot. Even if I raise/lower my mulitpier. Hope I'm being clear enough. I'm downloading some bench marks and im going to try and stress test it in xp to see if its stable there.
  5. I assume your cpu multiplier is x4? The HTT will be 250 * 4 = 1000mhz. It should be fine. Even up to 1300mhz for AM2.

    Oh yea, if you change your bios settings, vista may not like it cuz it thinks it's a different computer. MCE & XP are more flexible. How about you set up your target o/c, & boot up vista install disk?
  6. Thats a good Idea, I'll try that.
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