Virus on my pc

I have a some program calling itself ANTIVIRUS SCAN in my computer, showing on my toolbar (next to the clock) that wont let me open any programs. It says my pc is infected and wants me to buy their product to correct it. Here is the website, though I suggest you do not go there

It only lets me open my browser to access the internet. It wont even let me open my task manager. I ran Malwarebytes program while my computer was in safe mode, but no luck.

Anyone know how to get rid of this program?

Thanks for your time
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    try this one at the bottom of the list!

    update it then run it!

    this is a great tool also!
  2. It wont let me run malware. Though I ran malware in safemode and no luck. trying the second link now.
  3. let me know how it works out!
  4. nope. the did not work and it took almost 2 hours to scan my pc
  5. I cannot figure out how to download leads to a dead link

    The combofix says only to use if you have access to a "trainer"
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  7. Okay, I tried that last one to scan on boot. Scan took so long that my comp shut down 70% of the way thru the boot/scan process. But it identified some file at the beginning that I deleted (meant to save it in "chest"). Booted my pc and the ANTIVIRUS SCAN was there, but the bottom toolbar disappeared. Restarted the comp in safe mode and the bottom task bar was there. Then restarted in regular mode and the bottom task bar was there, but also the ANTIVIRUS SCAN was gone and I can run programs again.

    So that avast does work on this virus when you scan on boot. NOTE: that avast did not work on this virus when it scanned regularly. Now I have 6 anti malware programs on my pc.:/ Also note that these programs did not work on this virus while scanning in SAFE mode as well as normal mode.

    Thanks for the help
  8. could be a newer virus they will catch up to it!
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  10. try a free programme called TDSS killer.
    download it to desktop and run in safe mode.
    should work.
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