Please help me with a 600USD build that has everything

Ok here is the situation... I need a new pc for light gaming (games running at medium settings though less is fine) and some picture work

My current pc is

Dell Dimension 3000
2.8ghz skt 478 processor P4
9250 graphics (stuck with pci)
sound blaster sound card (live)
80gb hdd
17" Screen (I can't take this screen so don't mention it in your build please)
512mb ram

It takes ages to boot up (10 minutes to the desktop... and 5 minute til i can use it)

Even if i upgrade ram processor and hdd along with graphics... which is about a 400 dollar upgrade... the pc wont be able to do anything much faster


Now I would like a new pc... I could care less about amd or intel, nvidia or ati...

All I ask for is this (please keep under 750, and in the 600 range if possible)
19" widescreen (20" if possible for a few bucks more)

A decent mouse and keyboard (a very comfortable mouse, like the logitech gaming ones with the thumb rest would be nice.... also if it has some sort of side button (i like using it for talk (voice) in games...

A cheap but decent sound card if possible

Fairly decent graphics, 7600gt?

Dual core processor (preferred) with a modern socket... AM2 or LGA775... would rather have amd single core than intel (seems to be faster with amd single cores and probably amd over Pentium Ds)

2gb memory if at all possible

250gb+ hdd prefered 160gb+ is fine

Must include windows (probably xp home OEM)

DVD burner prefered

Must have everything needed to run (nothing can be left out, starting from ground zero)

Thank you very much for your replies
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  1. I am not so keen on a no name hdd because I really need to make sure it wont die... I might change the hdd... and then probably in a centurion case with a fsp 350 watt psu

    Any other ideas?
  2. Go with this psu:

    That centurion case will be fine, that'll be $90 then for the two of them.

    You can get a AMD 3800 x2 (2.0ghz) for about 65 or so on Newegg, with a mobo for around 85 (they have a nice atx with onboard 6100 video.. not that you'd need it, but it's a good mobo and it's not micro, which is good too)... so that's 240ish total.

    After that figure 90 for Ram (g.skill 2gb ddr2 800) and 90 for a 7600gt, that puts you at 420 or so. Pay 80 for a Seagate Barracuda 320gb and you're at 500.

    After that you can buy w/e keyboard and mouse suits you, and use your 17" monitor until you save up for something better.

    If you have trouble finding anything I can get you links.
  3. yeah, thats a good buy, they got 160 WD for the same price as the excelestor, thats just the one i bought, next day they put the WD there. :P
  4. IMHO, Keep your 17" monitor for now and use those funds towards the main system. Running the numbers, you really will not get a decent system for the price you want when you toss in a Monitor and Windows.

    Example - The post from Persh is missing the Case, PSU, Windows, CPU Cooler (R and DVD Drive. The motherboard will also prevent almost any type of OC due to it's limited memory support and will need to spend a bit more there as well.

    Adding all of that and upgrading the component quality will take you well out of your range. A 350w FSP PSU would be fine for the 7600GT, but likely would not be able to handle anything better.
  5. Also, Checkout.............

    This system comes to about $785 after calculating shipping and subtracting mail-in rebates. ($85 in Rebates)

    It includes everything you need and stuff should be of satisfactory quality.

    Upgrading to the Corsair 450w PSU ($12) as well as the 1950 Video card ($50) and a perhaps the E4400 CPU ($50) may all serve you better than the monitor initially.
  6. I had something similar to that setup except I had a amd 65nm x2 4000+ and the better video card and a Thermal take 430watt psu
  7. Case, $45:

    Monitor, roughly $155 after shipping:

    Those 2 put us at $200. Here's the rest:

    Totals for all of your components is approximately $680 after rebates are applied. That gives you enough for an OS to be around budget...maybe you can pick up a cheap keyboard/mouse combo too. That much money doesn't go far if you want all the nice stuff as you have requested. Not if you want the "latest" stuff.
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