What are the Best Universal SLI Settings?!?!?

I recently upgraded my PC with hardware as follows:

Windows Vista Ultimate(32 bit), AMD X2 6000+, 2GB DRR2 6400 OCZ, 2x SLI 8800 GTS 320MB, 300GB HD, 600 SLI PSU

So I was wondering what is considered to be the BEST UNIVERSAL SLI setting (or optimization setting, as Nvidia calls it) for games/general desktop use?

Currently its set on the recommended 'Single-GPU'. Does this mean I only using 1 of my 2 video cards?!?!?

Would 'Force Alternate Frame Rendering 1 or 2' or 'Force Split Frame Rendering' Modes be better?!?! PLEASE HELP!!! ANY response is welcome! Thanks!!
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  1. Single-GPU does indeed mean you are only using one of your two graphics cards.

    99.9% of the time, split-frame rendering is the fastest mode out there right now.
  2. Quote:
    Single-GPU does indeed mean you are only using one of your two graphics cards.

    That may have been the case before,but with the current/latest drivers you are infact using SLI(both GPU's)
    I tested this in 3dmark06 along with oblivion and when I used any other setting than the default "Single GPU" the frame rates dropped alot.Also for some wierd reason once you do mess with that setting and change it,I had to re-install the drivers to get it back again.
    I have search this question and found that,
    by default any game that has a built in profile will use SLI and not the single GPU that it states.
  3. so which one of you is absolutely CERTAIN that the claim made about the single-gpu setting is accurate??!
  4. Okay I found this link for you,It states what I said but more detailed.Dont forget the part where it says
    This rendering mode is the default global setting, meaning that any application that does not have a rendering profile will be rendered using only one GPU

  5. Well day I did some tests with 3d mark 06 on Vista 64.

    Aslogn as you enable Multi GPU in the 3rd option, you can put it to "single GPU" mdoe or force any of the other things and in 3dmark 06 is makes no difference, it does much better then using 2 cards in multi moniter situation.

    I kinda want to know how to enable SLI AA in my games. Theres no option for it in the control panel nor in the actual games. I dont like using nHancer to force it because 99% of the time it just makes things worse.
  6. I suppose I shall stick with the 'Single-GPU' setting, but I have one more question!!! WTF is multiple display performance mode? Does it think I have have 2 monitors or is it talking about graphics cards?
  7. Basically, its when its NOT using SLI. Its the 3rd option menu down and its the only option in there.

    I'm getting really annoyed now. I really wanted to use the SLI AA modes, forcing the 16x SLI AA on supreme commander really makes it MUCH smoother then the only in-game AA option, without much performance loss, but I have to force it through nHancer and it makes my othjer games not work.

    SO, yeh, getting a bit annoyed.

    Anyone know how I can get like SLI AA or even just higher then 4x AA through the Nvidia drivers? Theres really no point in me getting a high end card just to use stuff I could use before..
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