Free Microsoft Exchange alternative?

I need a free alternative to exchange that is operational though outlook on a work station. There is ZERO desire for web based mail and shared online documents through a service such as Google doc's. I have a dedicated machine to run as a server.

I looked at a few applications that appear to be as great alternatives to exchange. The best thing to be found in my opinion is the free version of Open Xchange. Unfortunately it's only run under Linux, without a tutorial I wouldn't know every sudo apt-get command to make it functional.

Does anyone know of another application for say a windows OS or a known working tutorial for Linux server 11.10 to setup as a mail server?

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  1. Found this artcile that hopefully seems legit.

    Has anyone ever followed tut's from this site before?
  2. Hi,

    I have heard that Nailit solution ( is exchange replacement. It has free and enterprise version, but check out at their site. I like that they have protocols to synchronize mobile phones, nice web interface and all other mail protocols.
  3. Hi! I know it's an old post, but did you check out the open source project Zentyal?
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