How can I tell what sound card this is?

Hi everybody. :)

I've been told to run DxDiag to find out what sound card I have on my system, but I'm not quite sure what the results are telling me.
Having run DxDiag, I tab over to "sound1", and I'm told:
Name "SigmaTel Audio"

I'm guessing this means I have some onboard chip, but what exactly is it?
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  1. Look at the back of your computer. If your speakers are plugged into one of the lower expansion slots, you have a sound card. If it plugs in near the USB ports, network, etc. then you have onboard sound.

    Go to Device Manager and expand the 'sound' section and you can find out what you have that way. Or... if you know what motherboard you have, look it up on google to see what sound chip it has onboard. If you have a dedicated sound card, just open the case and look at it.
  2. Sounds like some form of integrated sound... I've seen it before... You wouldn't happen to have a low end Dell with an AMD processor and N'Vidia 6150LE chipset would you? Try using Everest... google it... it will tell you everything you'd ever want to know about your hardware configuration.

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