E2160 running hot even when stock

Hey Guys,

Just setup my new system yesterday. I had a bit of a hard time getting the stock Heatsink and fan installed(really hate this design) But it seems to be solid now.

At stock speeds I was idling in windows at about 40-45 degrees and mid 60's under full load in prime 95. This is using coretemp.

I've bumped up the clock to 2.7 and now I'm sitting at about 50degrees Idle and low-mid 70's under full load.

This is with the voltage set to auto because so far I've been having trouble getting the system to post when I manually set it. Computer is very stable right now though.

So, do you think the Heatsink still isn't seated properly?, the voltage is screwing me or is it something else?

To be honest I'm leaning towards heatsink and fan not being seated well, just because it was warm even at stock. Of course I've screwed around with the HS so much now that I'm getting worried about screwing up the stupid plungers.

Should also note I'm using the Sonata III with a 1200rpm intake fan and the exhaust fan on the middle setting.
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  1. GrossMan, you've correctly characterized your Core temperatures as "warm". Please list your Vcore, and list your ambient room temperature, preferably measured near the computer air intake. If you would like detailed temperature information, check out the following Sticky - Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-core-quad-temperature-guide

    From the Guide:

    Scale 1: Duo

    E21x0: Tcase Max 73c, M0 Stepping, Tjunction Max 100c, Vcore Max 1.312, TDP 65w, Delta 10c

    --70--/--80--80-- Hot
    --65--/--75--75-- Warm
    --60--/--70--70-- Safe
    --25--/--35--35-- Cool

    Comp :sol:
  2. Thanks for the reply Computronix.

    Stock Vcore according to my mobo is 1.325 I currently have it set to auto due stability reasons when I'm overclocking. According to CPU-Z it hovers between 1.36-1.39. When it was still stock speeds I lowered the Vcore down to 1.15, system was stable but it made almost no difference in the temps.

    Ambiant temperature is roughly 19-20 celcius.

    I was thinking of picking up a freezer 7 pro on my way home tonight and giving it a go.
  3. GrossMan, Intel's stock cooler is barely adequate at 1.35 Vcore, so your thoughts on picking up an A/C Freezer 7 Pro are well founded. It should easily resolve your cooling issues.

    Comp :sol:
  4. Yup looks like the Freezer pro is working out perfectly. It also helped that My intake fan, the Freezer pro and my exhaust fan are all in line with each other. :)

    I've increased the overclock to 3.0Ghz with about a 1.37Vcore. Idle temps are just below 40 now and under load it doesn't break 70. Much better.

    Thanks for the help. :D
  5. grossman, well done! Enjoy your rig.

    Comp :sol:
  6. Oh, I'm so glad I've found this thread (hello everybody by the way - newbe).
    I've also just set up my new system - Gigabyte P35C-DS3R + E2160, 2GB of RAM (Patriot 800MHz) and a Radeon X1950Pro 256DDR.
    I am really dissapointed with the temperatures I get in the Core Temp. Idle is around 55C, and while gaming comes to 65C. Well - it looks very much alike grossman's story. Stock cooler of course.
    Now my question is - how much did the Freezer Pro helped? And what are your OC settings right now? the multiplier and the FSB.

    PS. Do you also get this strange behaviour in Core Temp (whe system is OC'ed) that the multiplier changes from 9 to 6 all the time? and the effective FSB changes from 2400 to 1600? Is this some kind of power savings option I can disable in BIOS or smth?

    Hope somebody still reads this thread :)
  7. Auror,

    I'm running the FSB at 333 I'm still using the Auto setting in the BIOS for voltage and from what I can see it's just over 1.4v but it fluctuates because it's on auto.

    As far as the multiplier changing, that is one of the power savings options, I beleive it's speedstep. Once the cpu gets a load it will jump the multiplier back up to 9.

    At 3.0 Ghz with the 1.4? Vcore my idle temps are about 38 celcius.

    At full load using Prime 95 to stress the cpu while at the same time using ATI tool to stress the video card my hottest core is about 68 and the video card temp sits at 73.

    Using the stock cooler the cpu hit mid 80's before I shut it down.
  8. Well that's great news! I've just ordered the Freezer 7 Pro + some case fans to beat down the heat inside. As soon as it gets here I'll leave some feedback.

    So you're saying the multiplier is the speedstep thing? I guess I can disable that in BIOS.
    The FSB 333 is not bad at all! I was thinking of 266, but it all depends on the results I'll get with the new cooling equipment :)

    Your temperatures are way better than what you had with the in-box fan supplied with the processor. I was already thinking of getting rid of the E2160 but I guess there's still hope :)

    Thank you very much for the reply!


    PS. I've almost forgot! Did you do anything with the memory's multiplier? e.x 2.5/3 and so on (at least on the Gigabyte DS3R)? Or you've just left it on "auto"?

    thanks again
  9. I'm running the memory at 2x so that it is 1:1 with the FSB.

    Also regarding the speedstep, I chose to leave it enabled. I figured it's not hurting anything and I like the idea of the cpu running cooler and using less power when it's just sitting around idling most of the day.

    You also might want to make sure you have your pci-x slot set to 100 instead of auto. Leaving it on auto could cause some problems aswell as damage you video card.
  10. Thanks a milion GrossMan, that's all I needed to know.
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