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I am looking for suggestions for a low cost but reliable AM2 MB with onboard video for a workstation upgrade. I have a 939 Foxxconn in another workstation and it has done well but I am interested in the forums feed back. I already have the chip (4000+ Brisbane.) TIA
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  1. abit AN-M2 or if you want something a bit cheaper NF-M2S
  2. I was considering 61xx based boards from MSI and Foxconn. Is there any advantage to the Abit? I have used boards from both before but heard that Abit boards have more problems.
  3. the only reasons that abits may have more problems are:
    1) the type of personality profile of the abit user - they tend to be more enthusiasts & hence more likely to push the boards to their limits
    2) more BIOS options to play with & get wrong - see 1) :)
  4. Thanks! Decided to go with the MSI K9N6SGM-V board with a gig of DDR2 667 Geil. Both cost less than $90.
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