333Mhz chipset work with 400Mhz FSB CPU?

As above - will a board with a 333Mhz chipset (socket A) work with a socket A CPU with a 400Mhz FSB (an AMD 3200+).

I've had conflicting advice on this - some say yes some no.

Any help appreciated.
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  1. nope must be the same fsb sorrie
  2. To start with, no.

    If the FS is BIOS can be changed, then yes, its possible.
  3. If the mobo in question has jumpers for FSB selection, then the answer is PROBABLY. If it relies on auto dectection of FSB, it may bork itself and not boot. Reguardless, it will run at max the 333 FSB speed with the defualt multiplier, and therefore slower than intended. I say it's definately worth a shot, b/c more than not it'll likely work.
  4. Usually, it will run at 333Mhz and you can just overclock it up to 400Mhz FSB if the board will support the overclocking. Some motherboards will just not accept the 400Mhz chips at all though.
  5. Thanks for the replies !!
    This is the board with the 333Mhz FBS:
    Asrock K7S41GX Socket A
    It has a SiS 741GX Chipset

    The situation is that I fried my trust old Nforce2 Mobo, and this is the only Mobo I can source from my local supplier (new Socket A boards are as rare as hens teeth). So b4 I buy it I want to make sure it will work.

    Does anyone know if my XP 3200+ will work with this SiS chip?
  6. As already stated, it may not work because the BIOS may not be able to correctly detect CPU. Thus, the PC will fail to boot.

    In the event the motherboard can detect and the PC boots, the CPU will be running slower than it's stock speed.

    The XP 3200+ stock speed is 2.2GHz, that means it uses a clock multiplier of 11 (200MHz x 11). However, if it works in a mobo with 333MHz FSB, then the speed will be 1.83GHz (167MHz x 11).
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