Bios Showing 256 Aperture size for a 512 video card

Im using a Asus p4p800 deluxe motherboard and a 512mb 7600gs when i check the aperture size in the bios it only goes up to 256

any ideas why it wont show 512....It shows 512 in windows?

Im having issues in bf2 with this card it does really quick freezes every few seconds...not sure if its the card or lag....Im assuming this card should be quite a bit better than my old 9800xt
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  1. The aperture size in your bios is the amount of main memory your card can use in case the card runs out of memory. It is intended for old video cards with very little or no on-board memory at all. For best performance with your card, set it to the lowest setting or turn it off completely.
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