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Hi all,

I'm about to start overclocking my E6600. Anyone have a recommended max voltage? I can't seem to find any great websites for it, so if you have one, I'd appreciate it.

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  1. i have mine @ 3.1 with 1.2875 voltage
  2. Oh, for the record, I'm shooting for a 450-475 MHz FSB, with 7x mult. The system is liquid cooled, so heat isn't much of an issue. I want a life of at least 4 years out of it.
  3. i havent tried lower voltages yet
  4. Maziar,

    what is your other voltages, i.e ram, NB, SB, PCI-e?? my E6600 cant go higher than 2.92Ghz. the voltage is 1.325. im using Frezzer 7 Pro
  5. E6600 @ 3.2(356x9) with1.3 voltage
    PCI-E FREQUENCT is set @ auto
    RAM timings are 4-4-4-15 with 2.1 voltage and the frequency is 727
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