Motherboard not detecting hard drive?

Alright so, I've been around this forum quite a bit but this is my first time posting. ^^

I've been having some weird problems recently with my computer, I got the blue screen of death a couple of times and some other weird problems. This was the night before my computer failed to show that it had a hard drive. So the morning after getting the problems I booted up my computer and it wouldn't even detect a hard drive. I assumed that it was a severely corrupted windows so i tried to reformat. After the the disk loaded and stuff and i clicked enter to set up XP it basically told me that a hard drive could not be detected. I assumed that my hard drive had gone bad so I went out and bought a new one. I got the same problem when trying to install XP on the new drive. I then tried my old and new drives on my friends computer and they both worked. So I'm assuming my motherboard is screwed up. The funny thing is that I'm using a sata dvd burner and thats reading the windows disk.

Oh yeah and in bios my computer doesnt show that I have a hard drive.

Could anyone offer any input as to what is wrong or what to do? I'd really appreciate it thanks.

By the way my computer specs are:
Mobo: GA-P35-ds3l
RAM: 2 gigs PC 6400 gskill ram
Video card: 8800gts 320mb
Hard drives: both my old and new one are maxtor diamondmax
DVD burners: I've got the sata drive and thats Lite-On and I have an IDE drive thats a SONY
PSU:650watt seasonic
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  1. BIOS setting?

    Is, perhaps, your connector (on the motherboard) bad? Try another and see.
  2. What BIOS settings would I change? And I've already tried the connector thing, I've used a different one and I've also tested the connector on a different computer.
  3. K I also tried the one on the motherboard I've also tested the sata dvd burner that I have on that same one. I've actually tried connecting the connector into every single one.
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