Moving HDD with Vista to a new motherboard.

Hi, I am building a new computer and I don't plan on buying a new HDD seeing as how I also have to buy an operating system for it (right?). So, my questions are:
1. What is the process in doing so, is there any programming that's involved or will the new motherboard automatically adjust?
2. What problems will I face when doing this?

Thanks a lot.
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    Best method is to use SYSPREP before uninstalling the MOBO --- (SEE HERE )

    This will remove all system drivers etc. and set it so that on the next boot it will rerun the analysis and install the new component drivers based on the new MOBO.

    Another method is to run a REPAIR install after replacing the MOBO which essentially does the same thing.

    For either method you will need the VISTA OS disc so that it can find the needed drivers off of it and in most cases replacing the MOBO will require you to reactivate your VISTA Install since replacing the MOBO will deactivate the install (but just using the phone activation and entering the serial # from the system will reactivate it.
  2. I already have Vista installed on the HDD i plan on installing the new build. It came pre-installed on the HDD so I don't have the discs. Sorry, I didn't explain myself well.
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