Double clicking bug, or a virus?

Hey everyone. Im having this weird problem and I dont know if its a virus or not. heres the problem: Everytime I tried to 1 click on mouse (left click)on any files or anything similar it automaticly double clicks but not always. I tried to reinstall windows and I still have the same problem. If anyone knows the solution, please share =). thanks :D
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  1. You better check the following URL for some hint :

    Weird Mouse, Double clicks on one click!!

    Bon courage.
  2. Have you tried a different mouse?
  3. Ijack said:
    Have you tried a different mouse?

    Nope, I havent but this mouse is working really great for like 3 years and now suddenly just one day it starts double clicking when I single click on a file or playing using mozzila firefox and any other programs. I have a Typhoon mouse or something
  4. When a piece of equipment goes wrong there is always a time when it is working and then a time when it no longer works. The fact that your mouse has worked great for 3 years proves nothing. Something is wrong now - as a methodical approach to the problem, eliminating a hardware error is the obvious first step.
  5. Try checking with new mouse!
    Seems to be a hardware issue only!
  6. Few insights into the problem.
    (1) DSP based mouse use chip to control freeze delay between individual click, if mouse is new this could be a manufacturing defect.
    (2) As mouse ages, return spring of click button loses stiffness and bounces under clicks and thus produces several clicks for one.
    Tough Fix:
    Open mouse replace click sensors on PCB by desoldering, switching places of sensors and resoldering.
    *****Easy Fix*****
    (1) Go to control Panel> Mouse >Double Click Speed and drag the slider to the middle between Slow and Fast.
    (2) Download Utility MouseFix version 1.0
    (3) If rebinds keys and fixes double clicking, you can also use Left Shift as mouse click using this utility, Right Shift remains the same.
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