Updating BIOS on P5K Deluxe...

After a day of pain I finally got my system together (still gotta go back in and re-apply the AS5 :pfff: ) and now I am experiencing more problems...

I want to avoid installing any drivers until I have the BIOS updated. I am trying to update the BIOS through the Asus Update Utility software but no matter what I do (using automatic online search option) it keeps saying it can't locate anything...

Also I have tried going to the Asus site to download the latest BIOS file but the bloody Download page won't display (IE problem I think)... So thats very usefull... Unless anyone can link me to a reliable site where I can download? I don't want the beta by the way..

Or do I even need to worry about updating the BIOS? It would take some strain off and allow me to focus on the chipset, audio and gfx drivers which I should have done at this stage...

Thanks for any help.
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  1. I see this is an older thread, but for folks that use the search feature:

    DO NOT use the Asus update utility!!! It's buggy. I knew updating from inside Windows was a bad idea... the thing deleted my bios and failed to verify the updated bios! Left me with no bios on the chip. I couldn't even put my backup copy of the old bios back on because the update program started crashing after the verification failure. That program is a deathtrap for mobo's. Flash from DOS.

  2. Is that a windows utility or one from inside the BIOS that reads from a FAT32 drive? Because in my opinion no one should ever use any windows based update utility for any motherboard unless you want trouble.
  3. If you want to update your BIOS, You need to restart your computer and place the BIOS on a floppy or a USB drive. If you are overclocked put all settings to stock and reboot. Then go to the tools in the BIOS, and use ASUS EZ flash 2. All the steps are in the manual in the beginning of chapter 4.

    I have a P5B Deluxe and I all ways use the ASUS EZ Flash 2 when I update my BIOS. And I always update mine when one comes out. I have updated mine over 5 times.

    I have read horror stories about the Windows ASUS BIOS update utility.


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