8800 GTS fault?

Hello all, this is a tricky situation, tried many solutions, nothing worked yet, may be some1 here will help, thank you in advance!

Problem is that in Vista environment i cant play games, the crash after couple secs, sometimes goes up to couple mins, but usually bout 20 secs, the crash is screen turns off, game crashes as well i think as sound turns off as well after and after 10 mins or some pc restarts autamatically, windows suggests to contact nvidia for latest drivers etc

on the other hand in xp environtment games work etc, altho i cant surf! pc freezes after like 1 min of suring, doesnt matter on the browser ie firefox opera nothing, all freeze, the rest is fine can play etc.

Ideally i would like a solution to vista since i liked it, and new games come out for vista only(

System is:
CPU: AMD x64 duo core 5200+
Motherboard: M2V asus
Video: Nvidia 8800 GTS (640 some mg)
RAM: ocz 2 gig

its all the same no matter which version 64 or 86, tried in vista and xp variants

sry if chosen the thread wrong, just imho the prob is bad drivers for video

thx in advance!
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  1. First of all new games wont come out for VISTA only , like BIOSHOCK or even Crysis

    well when i had my AMD system , i had this problem too , the PC restarted for itself every 1 or 2 days and i found out that it was the motherboard problem

    btw , what is the driver version of your VGA?
  2. not sure latest i installed for xp is 163.44 (biochock advice on installation) i think not sure, well basically the latest displayed on the website

    sure not all games come otu for vista only, but since its the way its heading and getting xp cracks for games aint gr8 as it usually messes it up...
  3. if it would be once 1-2 days it would be totally fine, but its after 1 min of palying game and its very irritating

    also installed that amd optimizer, it seems to help a lot of ppl with probs, not me tho(
  4. 163.44 is that latest one
  5. so no one else has any ideas?
  6. ask ASUS support and tell them , as i said it maybe motherboard
  7. First of all make a check for drivers/codecs (yes thats right) problems. For example try with iolo's System Mechanic. As having in mind WinXP stability problems when using browser make the same check. If System Mechanic 6/7 doesn't fix the problems, then it's hardware problem. Try to get remove the video card and all other pci devices. Then connect it again. If you are able to get another card for some time /from a friend../ try using it for some time. Consult ASUS!
  8. system mechanic doesnt want to install for some reason, no idea why, jsut hangs after searching for updates, getting sisoft sandra should work i hope, wrote a complaint on asus forum, so w8ing now
  9. ok jsut run a test on sandra, the only thing it found suspisious was that monitor is running on 60 hz, changed it to 75
  10. Ran a 3dmark test in xp, all cool, in vista all well except SM2.0 test and most of batch size tests are freezing after some secs
  11. just found out gpu temp is 80celc is that a lot?
  12. Yes, it should not get over 60c my 2900 does not even run that hot.
  13. It's a normal temp for a 8800, and as for rabidpeanut a 2900 runs much hotter then 60c.
  14. power supply?
  15. cristip60 said:
    It's a normal temp for a 8800, and as for rabidpeanut a 2900 runs much hotter then 60c.

    so u mean 80 celcius is a normal running speed for 8800's?
  16. power supply is raidmax 650 watts
  17. What was the last change you made to your system before it started malfunctioning? Did everything work fine before then? Please provide details on what and how you changed the system.
  18. didnt change anything had problems with explorer since the beggining, recently installed vista and tried zillions of variants everthing but nothing worked, still games and SM2.0 test and most of batch size tests cause same effect, first monitor turns off then in couple mins pc restarts, or sometimes keeps working on and on, but screen is still off
  19. I suspect a power problem. You DID plug in the pci-e connector to the 8800GTS didn't you?

    The 8800GTS needs a quality PSU that can deliver 26a on the 12v rails minimum. You would think that a 650 w psu could do that, but Raidmax is considered to be a tier-5 psu and is not recommended. http://www.tomswiki.com/page/Tiered+PSU+Listings?t=anon
  20. litomaster said:
    power supply is raidmax 650 watts

    Hate to put it this way, but your psu is a tier 5 level, "NOT RECOMMENDED", as the charts put it. It may list 650wts, but that can be a deception, as the wattage may be spread out in ways that do not provide enough amps on the 12V rails. That's beside the failure rates, etc, with a tier 5 rated psu. Its very possible that the 8800 GTS you have is drawing more power than your psu is putting out, therefore causing the crash.

    I just noticed that geofelt has already pointed this out. Guess he got the answer first. Its still the first thing to suspect when it comes to bad hardware.
  21. yea but guys thingy works perectly fine in xp environment. do u want to say that vista eats so much more resources that psu fails???
    btw tried installing super minimum version of vista via vlite, no aero or other demanding stuff, managed to lower ram usage from 800 megs to 450.
  22. well for the hell of it ill get the galax 1000w, or u think i couold just get one of these http://www.vadim.co.uk/FSP+Booster+X3+-+VGA+Power+300W
  23. Get another psu, and as for the temps yes 80c is normal fo a 8800 in full load a gtx reaches 90c.
  24. mine reached 76 when i was playing bioshock very much and i was OC'd
    it reached only 68-69 when i was playing COD2
  25. litomaster said:
    well for the hell of it ill get the galax 1000w, or u think i couold just get one of these http://www.vadim.co.uk/FSP+Booster+X3+-+VGA+Power+300W

    The Enermax Galaxy 1000wt is a good psu, but its vast overkill for your machine. Something on the order of a 600-700wt Thermaltake Toughpower, Seasonic, Enermax Liberty or OCZ Gamestream would do the job well. I have a 700wt Thermaltake Toughpower that powers a lot more hardware then you list and it does fine. For a full listing of psus, go to "Forums", then subsection of CPUs and Components, and look to a sticky from Jake Barnes titled Power Supplies. At the bottom of the sticky will be a list of links and hit the one labeled "Official XS Tiered PSU Manufacturer Brand Listing". That will give you a full list of psus, good and bad. Look for something in the tier 2 brands, unless you want to spend a lot of money to get the very best that's in the tier 1 listing.

    As for the FSP booster, it would certainly help, but using two psus is not without problems, besides taking up space in the case and adding heat and ventilation problems. Some people like the idea of a dedicated psu for the graphics card. I personally would rather have only one psu to deal with, but that's just my opinion.
  26. well i was thinking of upgrade in 6 months, so ill deinetly need better psu then
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