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I am looking for a zero-noise (ie fanless) PCIe-16 card recommendation with dual DVI or 1 DVI and 1 HDMI out. This will be installed in a Dell Vostro 200 (Chipset = Intel G33) with the display mirrored on a 1680x1050 monitor and a 1080p HDTV.

I will play HD Video / Bluray but not games. Cheaper is better as long as it works :)

I was thinking of a Nvidia 8500GT. Maybe something like the MSI NX8500GT?

Also will I have any problems mirroring at 2 different resolutions? Video not running FS, stretched or squished image, icons off screen? I have XP Pro, but might switch to Vista?

I know there are similar threads, but I didn't see one that addressed my specific needs.

Thanks to all.
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  1. yep a 8500gt is fine or the 2400xt, or 2600xt fanless.
  2. If you are running xp last i heard the nvidea cards dont accelerate hd content only on Vista so i would go with a 2400 card well to be honest i would go with that card any way it works better ie it uses less cpu and does more on the actual gpu.
    Check this link,review-2362.html
  3. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I haven't found a 2400 with dual DVI. So I'm between the MSI RX2600XT-T2D512EZ at $140 and the MSI NX8500GT-MTD256EH at $84. I'm leaning towards the 8500 for cost, I probably go Vista soon anyway.
  4. This comes with all the adaptors you need im not to up with these out puts does it matter if its using an adaptor or not? It says dvi x2 on the specs
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