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Don't really know where to post it, so this seemed like the most suitable place. But anyway I recently started using my old PC as I wanna do a bit of gaming and my laptop ain't really that good for it, I reinstalled XP on it but I seem to have lost the Ethernet Controller driver, so I can't connect to the internet. My motherboard is a FOXCONN MCP73, I went on their website and couldn't find any information about the driver I need. I also downloaded this program which apparently tells me what drivers I am missing and what is needed, but that doesn't work either so I don't really know what to do? Any help please =]
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  1. See if you can find some additional info, like from a sticker or printed mobo model#, or the make/model of the ethernet controller from device manager or everest or system info. Your driver is out there somewhere.
  2. Hi: is this your mobo:

    Manufacturer: Foxconn
    Motherboard Name: MCP73M01H1
    HP/Compaq motherboard name: Napa-GL8E

    PS:Your Network card driver should have been found by windows.

    You may have to download the Chipset driver this contains the network controller

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