X800 XT PE?

I want to upgrade from my GeForce FX5200 128mb card to something that can play my games reasonably. I only play driving games & have around £75 to spend.
I've seen several ATI Radeon X800xt cards on ebay that are quite cheap and want to know is this a card that is worth trying or should i go for something brand new like the ATI Radeon X1650 PRO (£60) or the GeForce 7600GS (£70) both from ebuyer.
I'm running an XP3200+, 1.5GB of RAM & a 550W power supply.
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  1. My x800xt is a huge jump up from the FX5200 I let go for $20. The FX5200 is a weak card. The x800xt would provide a very noticable improvement. HTH.
  2. Shader model 2.0 would be a downfall though.

    i'd suggest a nvidia 6 series preferably 6600GT and up. i got a 6600gt for around 30 dollars on ebay.
  3. Having run an X850XT with 1GB of ram and an overclocked AthlonXP 2800+ after having used a 9600 for a while, even that was a huge difference and the 9600 was much more powerful then an FX5200. X800XTs are great cards and can keep up in any modern game, except those that use SM3.0 only, if you plan on playing Bioshock or Rainbow 6: Vegas you would be better off getting a 7600GS/GT or X1650Pro/XT.
  4. Depends on where you stand on image quality a x800 would be shader model 2 and a card like a 1650pro would be shader 3 with hddr lighting .
    The x800 would be probably faster you have the link to the chart but its a bit scewed as it rates cards with different shaders and abilities as if they were on a level playing field which they are not so the x800 would seem to keep up with newer cards but not have as good an image quality so is quicker by virtue of not doing as much.
    Hope that makes sense
  5. OP has a 5200. An X800xt would be like finding a long lost rich uncle who had no one else to leave his fortune to.
  6. Oh christ yea a x800 would be like he had traveled in to the future :lol:
    Just trying to point out the options :)
    Personally i would rather a new card with warranty than a second hand one without but if the x800 is cheap enough then go for it.
  7. The x800xt provides a 256 bit, 256 MB DDR3 card that chops up cards like the 6600GT someone mentioned. I agree the x800xt does less so is faster. I curently run two 6600Gt's, both agp and PCIE, and a 800xt as well as having owned an fx5200. Yeah, get a new card under warranty like mactronix said unless the x800 is ultra cheap. I paid $79 new if that is an indicator. FYI, I do not game at all. My son does.
  8. I'm still running an AGP slot, so am a bit reluctant to spend too much cash on something that might not be needed should the motherboard die. I'm not going to be playing shooters, they're not my bag, only racing/driving games .
  9. I have a 5950 Ultra AGP I'd sell for a lot of money.
  10. go for a 7600 gs.
  11. 7600gs? 7600GT if you can...
  12. teh_boxzor said:
    Shader model 2.0 would be a downfall though.

    i'd suggest a nvidia 6 series preferably 6600GT and up. i got a 6600gt for around 30 dollars on ebay.
    Yes, the 7600GS has comparable performance but has SM3.

    I know the 7600GS is about $75 USD, I think that is about 37 British Pounds or something?
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