Best 24" for gaming

Can you guys give me some advice?
I've checked some forums, I've read many reviews and now I'm more and more confused.
BenQ or Dell or Samsung.... :ouch:
I have 2 EVGA's GeForce 8800 GTX KO ACS3 768MB so I'm covered on this end, they should be able to pull
1900x1200 in any game.
It's gonna be used mainly for gaming. I plan to spend up to 700 quids for the LCD.
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  1. wow, I envy you MAJORLY, but I'm not good with monitors (i'm on 1024x768 max lol)
  2. I'm looking at those 3 at the moment

    Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC LCD
    Samsung 245T
    BenQ FP241WZ

    Can anyone give his opinion or suggest something better?
  3. Hmmm..Choice is up to you really. If you want either a PVA/MVA panel or a IPS...

    The Dell's use a S-PVA panel....The Samsung uses a S-PVA as well....While the BenQ uses a MVA...

    MVA/PVA panels have the highest contrast ratio and best blacks..But details in the black are lost. This is called "Crushed Blacks" which is the term for it. Also PVA/MVA panels have the highest input lag and response time of TFT technology. If you take gaming very seriously this might mess with you. But it all depends upon the person...Some people can see ghosting and some people can not on the same monitor...Every person is different. I was and somewhat still am a dedicated Counter Strike player who has played many leagues..I also play a LOT of different kind of games...For me if I had to go TFT I'd nab a IPS panel. They have the best color accuracy as well as maintaining the details in darker areas. The downside is their brightness contrast is not as high as PVA/MVA...but the color accuracy, details, input/response time makes up for that. So the choice is up to you...

    I have very quick reflexes and my eyes can notice quite a bit. I can see pixelation and defects quite easily compared to others who barely notice them...So it all really depends on how your eyes react.

    For me I'd go IPS...I decided to skip TFT panels since I'm waiting for FED in 2009...Basically think CRT in flat panel form...all the benefits of CRT in the size of a LCD. LCD's have lots of problems which is unfortunate they replaced CRT's....CRT's are still superior to LCD's in many aspects. But like all technology it has some weaknesses which LCD's have favor...but vice versa as well. LCD's can never get near the level of blacks and detail as CRT's. LCD's also have a delay which gets the video a few frames behind what is actually going on. CRT's have delay also but is so faint it's not noticeable unlike lcd's...

    Considering you are willing to spend 700...Why not add another 250-299 and get a 26 inch IPS?...You can get the Planar 26 inch which has a H-IPS panel. It uses the same panel in the Nec2690WUXI which retails for 1700...Although the firmware on the PLanar is no where near the quality of the it has problems but for the price and size it's damn good. It also has a 5 ms respose time with 1 frame of lag. Quite a nice deal for a IPS panel. If I had to nab a LCD for myself I'd grab a Nec 2690WUXI...They go for 1700. The Nec 2490WUXI goes for 1500. But considering the price point of the Planar it's a steal.

    If ghosting and whatnot doesn't effect you much then by all means a any of those monitors you mentioned will do you fine. Tomshardware doesn't have a real active display community. If you really want to learn a lot about LCD's and read ACCURATE reviews about the products head over to the Hard forum's display section..It's VERY active.

    I was gonna nab myself a Nec 2690WUXI but I've decided to nab a Sony FW900 Wide screen 24" trinitron CRT...The downsides of LCD are just too high for me...I'mma just nab myself this top of the line CRT till 2009's FED technology...This CRT goes for around 200-350 on Ebay used...They stopped making it in 2003 thanks to flatpanels taking dominance..They retailed for 2,300. You can get them refurbished as well with a 1 year warranty from a company for 700 as well...that's where I'm planning to get this sucker.

    But yea...check out that forum. They'll be tons of reviews..You can also make a thread and ask for thoughts and I'm sure people will help youout. If you have any detailed questions to ask go for it. I'll help to the best of my ability. What will this monitor be used for? There is no perfect LCD out there. They all have their faults. So researching into TFT technology and understanding the products is the best way to get a monitor that suits your needs. Each have strong points and weakpoints...So what is going to be the full use of this monitor?..Just gaming?...any video work?...watching movies?
  4. Many thanks, I'll check it.
  5. I just got the Dell 24" and I'm pretty impressed. For me price wasn't a huge issue but space was. It was down to the Dell or the BenQ and I decided to go with the Dell because its no BS and all monitor. No big plastic pieces in the way or anything. Since my desk space is so tight I decided to go with the Dell. I think in depth its just as thin as my samsung 19 and in terms of height (when the monitor has retracted downward) its only an inch or so taller than the samsung.
  6. Also add HP's and Gateway's 24" to your selection. You can often view the HP and/or Gateway at a BigBox Store such as WorstBuy CircuitCourt etc.

    Personally I would buy a monitor from Dell (due to their return and support policies) or an HP-Gateway from a local BigBox ('cause you can return the sucker if half the pixels are dead yada yada).

    I saw the Gateway at WorstBuy just last night. It looked good until I compared it to the other 24" panels in the store. One problem with those other panels... they are all TN panels. Yes Acer, Westinghouse etc are using the cheaper 6bit TN panels on their 24" panels. The Sammy in the store is using a TN panel to get the price low. Of course the Gateway with the higher quality S-PVA panel wasn't going to look as good compared to those TN panels, Gateway doesn't have to cook the colors and boost the white level to compensate for the poorer quality TN panel like the other guys. I check the details up close and personal and realize that is where the Gateway really showed up well as the detail level was better defined and much sharper.

    Trustedreviews (British) has do a great job of evaluating panels. The Dell, Gateway, HP, and BenQ get solid marks unlike their TN breathern. The Sammy S-PVA panel also gets high marks. If you remeber that Sammy makes the panels for most of thes vendors, there are good reasons to go with Sammy. That said there are design and layout differences between the 24" panels that may dictate or eliminate one over the other, but between the 5 monitors you can't go wrong.
  7. Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC LCD
  8. Can I suggest with that budget that you think larger?

    If your set-up allows for the physical space, why not get a 1080p TV instead to act as your gaming monitor. You will still need a smaller monitor for normal stuff as using such a big screen for web browsing / documents can get tiring on the eye.

    A 1080p TV would also give you much greater flexibility than a monitor would, which may suit your set-up better. Only downside with a 1080 TV while they are 1920x1080 the dell 2407 can go to 1920x1200 which makes it slightly more pixels, but that is a relatively negligible difference.

    I have been using a 37" 1080p TV as my main monitor for 8 months and it has been a joy every moment and would recommend it to anyone. One note is that you need a strong as well as big desk to support the weight of a big LCD so make sure that your desk is up to scratch.
  9. keep in mind the dot pitch is bigger the pixels are bigger....not everyone really wants that...
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