GTX8800 shutdown sound (help)


Im having a very annoying sound comming from my Graphic card when i turn off my computer.

This it what happens.

Just before the PSU shuts down the system, my Inno3d GTX8800 makes a squeek sound, a short beep sortof. Like the warning it gives when it does not get enough power.
I tried to disconnect the 2* 6pins and also removed the gfx card all together, it was the card that made the sound, and it does it every time i turn my computer off.

Any help will be appricated. Do i have to replace the card from the place i bought it? or is there a possible fix for this "beep squeak"

(should i be worried when this problem only accurs when turning the system off, otherwise the entire system works flawlessly)

Specs are.
2gb Corsair 6400 ram
Intel Core 2 duo 6850
Asus PK5 motherboard
Inno3d 8800 GTX geforce
Corsair CMPSU-620HXEU, 620Watt
Raptor 76gb 10000rpm hdd

Best Regards

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  1. hmm... so long as nothing else develops then I wouldn't worry, however it could be a sign of worse things to come so I would check how long your warranty lasts, and if it ends shortly send it back now and get it fixed, but if the warranty lasts about a year or so then just live with it and hope it doesn't get worse
  2. I got it 2 days ago, and it did it the first time i turned off my computer, I can return it without question asked 12 days still,
    (In Denmark private consumers get 14 days to "try" all items bought from Internet companies)

    I have read some other posts about this issue, but maybe I should just return the card and get another one...

    anyone else have some advice?
  3. Dont know if this will help but i read the post and thought i would link it incase,13.html
  4. mactronix said:
    Dont know if this will help but i read the post and thought i would link it incase,13.html

    Thanks for your reply, but It was not the stuff I was looking for :(

    Noone else have expirenced this issue?
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